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About Us


Design with you in mind.

Established in 2020, DSY Beauty is a health food brand under DSY Group of companies. 

In line with the tenet of "Food is thy Medicine" and the core concept of "power of nature", We, DSY Beauty is proud to introduced to you a variety of "natural plant-based health food". 

The raw materials of all DSY Beauty health foods are made from pure natural plants. 

Our food formulations are simple, with no extra additives that could be health hazardous, to maximize and retain the natural pure nutrition and efficacy of each raw ingredients. We believe, the simpler it is, the healthier it is. Good health does not need to come from complex solution.

Guided by evidence-based knowledge and nutritional science, our vision is to be the most trusted brand in providing healthy food in the ASEAN region. Our motto is ‘Plant Power, Natural Beauty’ and we aim to help each of our client to achieve their desired health and beauty inside out. 

We will continue to improve and develop more natural plant health foods that meet the health needs of consumers, aiming to improve people's physical fitness, enhance the quality of life, and to bring more natural pure happiness.

DSY Beauty, Nature Makes You Beautiful. 


DSY Beauty sdn bhd aims be the most trusted brand in providing super foods and beauty products in the ASEAN region contributing to the wellbeing of our consumers.


1.      To provide the most natural form of beauty products available that does not harm the environment and the consumer.

2.      To provide super foods that contributes to the development of wellbeing & health.



Integrity: To uphold the authenticity of every ingredients in our products is in its most natural form, and confidence that it will bring about health and beauty benefit.  

Responsible for our products: We screen and vet through rigorously procedure so that each and every ingredient of the product we endorse brings about health & beauty benefit.

Passion for health inside out: Passion is the value that drives DSY Beauty and its team into sourcing and providing the best available products for the benefit of our customers.



The founder:

Kim Yap

A young inspiring mother of two beautiful kids. Kim’s deep passion in beauty had led to the establishment of DSY Beauty. Having gone through teenage years and maternity, she understands deeply that beauty is the source of confidence for female and that beauty is not only applied on the surface but also inside out. To ensure the products DSY Beauty endorse are safe, she tried and tested the products during her pregnancy period, to provide confidence that ingredients are safe. Kim believes that beauty can be achieve using the best from what nature has to offer and consumers don’t need to give up their health in exchange for short term beauty.