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Soy Protein Isolate 90

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500g per packet

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Soy protein is an excellent source of plant protein and contains natural youth preserving antioxidants. Being naturally-cholesterol free and low in saturated fat, it serves as a good source of protein for your daily needs.

Adequate protein is need for optimal growth and wellbeing, it enhances the immune system and keeps our bones and muscle strong.

Ingredients: Fermented Soya Protein Isolate

Suitable for:

·        Individual with health issues

·        Expecting mothers in need of plant protein

·        Post-surgical recovery

·        Growing kids

·        Busy and active young adults

·        Elderly

·        Vegans/vegetarians

Key Features:

·        >90% protein

·        SIGNIFICANTLY reduces cholesterol with 25g daily intake

·        Absolutely 0% carbohydrate

·        Fermented for enhanced nutritional content and easy absorption

·        Rich in isoflavone for hormone balance and skin collagen growth

·        No sugar or flavoring

·        Made from Non-GMO beans

·        No preservative

·        Water soluble for easy mixing

·        Improves metabolism and aids in fat burning


Direction to use:

1.      Add 25g of soya protein isolate into a glass of 200ml luke warm water or mix with any of you favourite beverages

2.      Mix well and ready to enjoy

Storage method:

Store in a cool dry place, avoid direct sunlight


Shelf life

2 years 


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