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Beacon Pure Essence (100ml x 5 packs)

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Beacon Pure Essence (100ml x 5 packs)

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Pure Essence is drip-extracted from Natural Seaweed Chicken with no additives, preservatives and a single drop of water added. It can help to combat fatigue, improve memory and strengthen the immunity system

  • It is made of Pure Beacon Chicken Essence, free of antibiotics, hormones, heavy metals, and chickens with Halal certification.
  • Freshly dripped, without dripping water; golden yellow color, absolutely no fishy smell dripping chicken essence.
  • High protein, high calcium, high amino acid; adults, children, elders, pregnant women and post-operative patients love to drink.
  • Hot water can be used for drinking. It adopts imported high pressure sterilization technology and can be stored at room temperature.
  • Exclusively recommended by Baokang Hospital, the chicken essence that hospital patients are drinking.

Each box contains 5 pack of  Essence (100ml)

Suitable For:
- Pregnant / Post-Pregnancy Mother
- Post-Surgical Patients
- Working Adults / Students
- Seniors Citizens
Key Features:
- Natural Breeding Beacon Seaweed Chicken 
High Pressure Stew
No Addition of Water
Authentic Taste,100ml

Direction to Use: 
1.Immerse the sachet in warm water for about 3-5minutes without disassembling.
2.After heating, open the sachet and drink it with a cup or small bowl.

Storage Method: Please store it in a cool and dry place ,avoid direct exposure to sunlight.


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